Entry #1

Recently arrived to NG!

2014-01-07 16:15:33 by RkRProductions

Hello everybody!

We've just arrived to Newgrounds and we like to present ourselves. We are two people: Douniel Belizaire & Luis Rogelio, we are RkR Productions.

We make music for short animations, or for fun. Almost all the tracks we'll upload are part of short animations (most of them haven't stepped the Internet, yet…).

Well, Douniel Belizaire here is the creative mind, he's the one that creates the music, all instruments, rhythms, riffs, etc are created by him, while I (Luis Rogelio) am the mind of the mixing & master process and sometimes I take part of the songs by performing an instrument for the songs.

I think this is all for this little entry, hope you like our music and don't know, maybe we'll post some animations or something else here!


Greetings, RkR Productions.


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2014-01-08 01:15:56

Welcome to the site!

RkRProductions responds:

Thank you! We hope you enjoy our content :)